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Pastoral Care and Support Systems

Although you may feel isolated on your first day you should remember there are people within your school there to help you. Many schools have designated staff to help you, including the following:

Guidance Counselors

A Guidance Counselor is a professional member of staff assigned with specific duties such as counseling of students and parents; evaluating student abilities; assisting students in making educational and career choices; assisting students in personal and social development; and/or working with other staff members in planning and conducting guidance programmes for students. These counselors are usually available every day both during and after school hours. They can also provide you with relevant information which will help you to cope more easily.

School Nurses

School nurses are Registered Professional Nurses responsible for protecting and promoting the health of all students. They have obligations to students, parents, school staff, community, and the nursing profession.  Their goal is to maximize each student's potential to learn and grow by providing the best possible health care and ensure healthy learning environments.

School Chaplains

One of the major roles of the chaplain is to be available to you as a friend, a listener and a counselor. The chaplain will also assist, contribute or take part in a wide variety of schools activities including camps, excursions, committees, and so on. They are usually available to discuss any concerns that students or parents may have regarding school.

Buddy / Mentor System

Some schools provide a buddy or a mentor system. This involves each pupil having someone they can talk to. You can meet with your buddy or mentor on regular occasions to assist you with any queries or problems you may have.

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