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Teachers and their Roles

You should realise that the structure of your day in secondary school will be very different to what you were used to in primary school. For example, you may have a form teacher, a year leader and several different teachers for your individual subjects.

A form teacher is someone you will report to each morning for registration. This is also a person who is there to help you with problems or queries.

The year leader is responsible for each of the different first year form groups and is the overall coordinator. They are also there to advise and help you. In addition, they are usually responsible for school discipline and can be called upon to help you to stay out of trouble so that you don’t break the school’s code of conduct.
Your individual subject teachers are specialists in their chosen subject areas. Up to now you may be used to having only one or two subject teachers - getting to know up to nine new teachers, their names and room locations, may take you some time!

Learning Difficulties / Special Education needs

Every school makes some provisions for students who may have learning difficulties. Each school will offer different services and these will depend on the facilities and support structures in place within the school.

It is advised that students with learning or physical difficulties should inform their school as soon as possible. This will allow the school to:

  • Identify the specific nature of the child’s needs
  • Identify the assistance which will be required
  • Receive any supporting documentation from previous schools, etc.
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