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Homework and Study Routine

From the beginning of the school year it is necessary to build-in a routine of homework/study time. You will need to discuss, agree and negotiate this with your parents.

Establishing a realistic routine , early in the school year, will make a huge difference to the effectiveness of your work. Like most jobs, study is mainly a matter of habit. Once settled in a routine, life becomes much simpler and study becomes more productive. Making out your own schedule, based on your particular circumstances, will act as a helpful structure for your work.

While quality is ultimately more important than quantity, in first year you should be aiming to do between one and two hours of productive study each day. This includes homework, revision, and any study sessions in school.

Create a study timetable - construct a weekly schedule for yourself. Start by including your class times, travel, sports and other commitments. Then add designated study periods for the afternoons/evenings and for the weekend. It is better to start with realistic targets that you can meet, rather than being over-ambitious at first.

Have a definite time for starting study each evening. Pick a time that you can stick to. It will reinforce your discipline and condition your system to make the most of the session.

Stick to your weekly schedule as closely as possible – it will become a help to your efforts and a shield against temptation. You'll still be able to socialise, rest and play, but it will be on your terms, not someone else's.

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