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Bullying, and what to do about it

Bullying is defined by the department of Education, in their guidelines, as:

"repeated aggression, verbal, psychological or physical, conducted by an individual or group against others. When behavior is systematic and ongoing it is bullying."

Every school has a system in place to cope with bullying and bullies. If you are being bullied, you should talk to your form teacher, year head, or any teacher within the school you feel comfortable with. If the school has a buddy or mentor system in place, it would be a good idea to talk with your buddy, as they can give you advice, listen and help. There is a lot of help and advice available on the internet also, some useful sites are listed below:
Here you can get information on bullying, what it is, its different forms, etc.
This site gives you information about being bullied at school.
This site gives you information on how to stop bullies.
On this site there is a campaign against bullying.

Are you a bully?

Sometimes we don’t realise our behaviour is threatening to others and we are in fact bullying. Before accusing others of bullying, ask yourself the following questions.

Do you

  • Call people names?
  • Tease?
  • Make fun of people?
  • Take small possessions away from others?
  • Spread gossip?
  • Taunt people for being unhygienic?
  • Tease about clothes?
  • Exclude someone from a group?
  • Damage somebody’s homework / personal property?
  • Initiate fights?
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