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Welcome to skoool links

Below are links to some of the best subject related information sites available on the web:

News, events, links to informative sites, link to Scope TV, careers, links to science organisations. A very user friendly site which is fresh and easy to navigate.
Physics resource which is simple and easy to understand. Provides information on Physics around us, links to sites which tell you more about famous physicists, experiments, equations and tells you a little more about careers is physics.


The Houses of the Oireachtas
A good resource for CSPE students with an overview of the Dail and the Seanad, explains the different type of Government documents. Not exactly aimed at young people but it is an invaluable resource for those taking CSPE.

European Union
The EU for kids and includes games, European history, the euro, tests on your knowledge of the EU. Looks like a very good site but may be a little basic for the age group in question.

For older kids the EU homepage provides any information they may require on the EU aspect of their CSPE course -


Seachtain na Gaeilge
Website of Irish Week (usually around St. Patrick’s Day) – news on events etc. Seachtain na Gaeilge is most successful with schools students as it helps them with their language skills.

Foras na Gaeilge
Links to sites on culture, education, langauge courses, information about the Gaeltacht. Not specifically aimed at students but helpful in their overall understanding of the language.

The Irish language television station with articles on all programmes, news features etc. Not curriculum based but good for overall understanding of the language.

Interactive Irish lessons from TCD
Good grounding in Irish for early secondary school students – good for pronunciation and overall grasp of the language.

Daltai na Gaeilge
Irish language site giving old Irish phrases, a grammar section, articles and stories, games and crosswords in Irish. Very well put together and applicable to any Irish student.


Online German Courses
Courses are not free but you can take a free trial once you have Shockwave. The entire course costs around €125 and you get a certificate upon finishing it. The course lasts 3 months.

The sister site of the above French site – tips on aural work,vocabulary and grammar exercises again aimed at GCSE students.


Creative Writing Tips
Creative writing is a major part of the Junior Cert English course. This site gives hints and tips, answers your questions on creative writing and interviews an author.


Ireland’s Online Youth
The section of the site dealing with all aspects of faith; gives links to a number of different organizations such as the Church of Ireland, the Vatican, different Christian orders etc. Very comprehensive site and a good resource for Junior cert RE students.


Schools History
A UK site giving history lessons, quizzes, games and assessments. The assessments are GCSE focused but many of the online lessons would apply to the Junior Cert History course.

American History
A good site for American history but includes non-American features. Spotted a feature on Cromwell in Ireland.

Biographies of Famous People
Did searches on Oliver Cromwell, Michael Collins and Strongbow – all appeared with a piece on their lives.

Physical Education

Cardiovascular Endurance in P.E.
Tips on how to warm up and cool down, lesson plans and resources; generally a very informative piece on physical education.

PE Website for parents, teachers and students
Provides links to other PE sites, tips on how to stay active, a teens page and a kids quiz.

Links to a huge list of sports organizations which covers every sport imaginable. Good resource for P.E. Students.

Sports Injuries
Information on sports injuries. How to treat and prevent these injuries.


Children's Rights
Information on the rights of children, including a section on the UN Convention. Good resource for the CSPE course.

Irish Council for Civil Liberties
Informative site for CSPE students.


Voice our Concern
An exciting new human rights education initiative from Amnesty International Irish Section.

European Commission Representation in Ireland
Website of the European Commission Representation in Ireland, featuring a Schools page.

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