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Achtung! U2 can now learn GermanGerman

Due to a phenomenal number of feedback requests, we have published new Leaving Cert German study notes in the Exam Centre.

German Grammar
Language awareness and grammar are extremely important aspects of the German examination at both higher and ordinary level. Your knowledge of the German structures and grammar are explicitly examined in the ‘Angewandte Grammatik’ section at the end of the reading comprehensions. However your accurate use of the language structures are constantly under scrutiny in all areas of the exam – written, oral and aural. 

To begin with an understanding of the basics of a language is essential.  Do you know the word order rules; the different tenses; the cases and the rules governing each case?  Do you know what a noun, a preposition and a conjunction are? If the above words are sounding a bit foreign, fear not and click here for German Grammar notes.

German Topics
Your awareness of contemporary issues is necessary for all sections of the Leaving Cert German examination.  You are required to have your own opinions on social, political, environmental and topical contemporary issues in Ireland and in Germany. Click here for sample questions, answers and vocabulary lists for the major topics.

Exam Help

Model answers, exam guides, past paper analysis and revision checklists will be available for the start of the final term on 28th April.

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