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Provided by The Irish Times In my life

Gavin Friday, Musician


Where did you go to school?

Sacred Heart National School, Ballygall, Dublin 11 for primary and St Kevin's College, CBS Glasnevin, Dublin 11 for secondary.

What was your best subject?

In primary school I can't really remember being good at anything, mainly due to my shyness combined with rigid enforcement of sports. My avoidence of sport seemed to dominate my early education. To this day, I still have a deep fear of footballs and referees' whistles!

In secondary school most definitely art . . . and Gaeilge.

Who was your favourite teacher and why?

"Catweasle" - our art teacher. I can't remember his true name. He let me express myself in any which way I wanted and encouraged me to do as I wished. I was also fond of "Spike" our Gaeilge teacher.

Who was your childhood idol?

In primary it was Saint Francis of Assisi. In secondary it was David Bowie.

Who was your best friend and why?

In primary, I was extremely shy and very much a loner. In secondary, my friends were Guggi and Bono. We three all went to different schools, but the friendship was very organic and surreally intense from day one. Why? . . . That's a big question!

What are they doing now?

That's also a big, big question!

What TV show/film most reminds you of your schooldays?

In primary, it was the movie Oliver and The Tom Jones Show on TV.

In secondary, it was 2001: A Space Odyssey and Top of the Pops.

What song most reminds you of your schooldays?

In primary All kinds of Everything by Dana, and in secondary Starman by David Bowie.

What food most reminds you of your schooldays?

In primary cheese sandwiches and Tayto crips. In secondary, batter burger, chips and a can of Cadet.

Who did you take to your debs?

I wasn't allowed to attend my Debs due to my appearance.

Would you consider sending your children to the same school you went to?

I don't have any children so a difficult one . . . I do feel I had a good education at Saint Kevin's College . . . but Ireland is such a different place today . . . so can't answer that really.

What was the best thing about your education?

It enhanced my rebellious streak tenfold.

What was the worst thing about your education?

Cheese sandwiches and the leather strap.

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