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Moving to Secondary School is an important event for both you and your child. It is quite normal that your child will be anxious and it is important for you to listen and talk to your child to identify any early problems – either social or academic.

Use our welcome pack for information on helping your child to cope with secondary school, who to approach for help, teachers and their roles, homework and study tips, health and safety tips and a guide to the Junior Cycle and secondary school subjects.


About the Junior Cycle
A guide to the Junior Cycle aims, objectives and areas of experience

Back to School - 1st Year Guidelines for Parents
Survival tips to discuss with your child
Subject Guides
An overview of key subjects your child will encounter at school
Homework and Study Routine
Advice and tips on effective study methods
Extra-Curricular Activities
Getting the balance between study and play
Health and Safety
Advice on healthy eating, school bags and road safety
Pastoral Care/ Support Systems
An overview of support systems
Bullying, and what to do about it
Tips, advice and useful websites
Welcome to skoool know that the transition to secondary school can be difficult. Here are our guides for your children to read and discuss with you.
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